Tonic of Wildness - Photography by +Candace Bartlett Beautiful sunset over the Tatoosh Range, Mount Rainier National Park, WA. #mountrainier #tatoosh #wildflowers

Keith Massey, Wisconsin, USA: 

An American Protestant was converted to Orthodoxy


My name is Keith Andrew (Andrei) Massey. I am an American and a convert to the Orthodox Church, who then married a Romanian. I was once a Protestant. In my case, a study and a deeper knowledge of the Bible, in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek I was led to believe that the Protestant Church was not true. In the video above top one to tell you this story. My wife and I spend all summer every year in Romania. I saw at first, as American Protestants and dissenters come in Romania in order to remove the Orthodox of the true faith. These missionaries cite the Bible say things that prove that Church Orthodox is wrong. And operate under the assumption that the Orthodox do not know the Bible at all, and therefore what they say about the Bible will not be challenged. I do not think I want to say that Protestants are bad people. My brother twin is Lutheran pastor and I love him very much. In fact, we had Orthodox Protestants can admire the conviction they have in their faith. But an Orthodox Christian should know the Bible verses that show that, indeed, the Church has faithfully preserved the same beliefs and practices reflected oldest church that produced the Bible. In these pages you can find collections of Bible verses that appear in Church Orthodox. In fact, we, Orthodox Christians should not use the Bible to “prove” Orthodoxy, as do Protestants and sectarians. Church produced the Bible. Church decided which books should be in the Bible andwhich are not. So the Bible is not an authority over the Church. Therefore, do not quote the Bible to “prove” the Orthodox faith. True faith has been preserved, the apostles received from Jesus and then faithfully received and stored in the Orthodox Church to this day. I do not claim to speak for the Church officially. I present these pages Romanian Orthodox Church authorities for approval and correction.


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