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The moving change of a former prostitute in Athens, Greece ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* The Greek Nun Porphyria when she was a taxi driver in Athens helped a prostitute woman to meet God & the Orthodox Faith


The moving change of a former prostitute in Athens, Greece


The Greek Nun Porphyria

when she was a taxi driver in Athens helped a prostitute woman

to meet God and the Orthodox Faith

Sister Nun Porphyria (+2015) was born and raised in Piraeus, Athens, Greece. Exercise at times various professions. For ten years (1997-2007) he worked as a taxi driver in Athens and Piraeus. Meet the modern virtuous and inserts Elder Porphyrios (now he is Saint Porphyrios) of books on the life and teachings. This acquaintance brought her closer to Christ and conscious Christian life. With a strong faith and deep love to God has been working His glory and the salvation of others. So the taxi became a modern pulpit, which led many to change life, blessed lesions. In recent years she became a nun with dual purpose: to fight distractions for salvation and to minister to the modern investigational human. Nun Porphyria died in Piraeus (Athens, Greece) on 2015.

The Nun Porphyria, tells us:

“The shift is my night, eleven o’clock in the evening. I driving in the street Piraeus to Square Omonia, the center of Athens. Inside the taxi, as usual, I was talking to my sweet Jesus. Spontaneously I told myself to Christ: “The first man who would I bore signal to stop, I will go him without money, sufficient to bring him near You. Does not stop it until it reached at the streets Piraeus and Continue reading The moving change of a former prostitute in Athens, Greece ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* The Greek Nun Porphyria when she was a taxi driver in Athens helped a prostitute woman to meet God & the Orthodox Faith







Saint Porphyrios of Athens, Greece (+1991) & the hippies

Saint Porphyrios of Athens & Kafsokalivia, Greece (+1991) once said:

One day a hippie visited me. He was dressed in something colorful, strange clothes, and wore an amulet and jewelery, and he asked to see me. The nuns were worried, so they came and asked me, and I told them to have him enter. As soon as he sat across from me, I could see his soul. He had a good soul, but was wounded which was why he was a revolutionary.

I spoke to him with love and he was moved. “Elder”, he said, “nobody until today has ever spoken to me like this.” I had told him his name, and he was confused as if I knew him. “Well,” I told him, “God revealed your name and that you travelled as far as India where you met a guru and you followed him.” He was in even greater wonder. I told him other things about himself, and he left pleased. The next week he arrived with a group of hippies.

They all gathered together within my cell and sat around me. A girl was also with them. I liked them very much. They were good souls, but wounded. I did not speak to them about Christ, because I saw they weren’t ready to hear of it. I spoke their own language about topics that interested them. When we were finished and they got up to leave, they told me: “Elder, we would like a favor: allow us to kiss your feet.” I was embarrassed, but what could I do, I allowed them. After they gave me a blanket as a gift. I will call for it to be brought, so you can see it. It’s very nice. After a time the girl visited me, the hippie, by herself. They called her Maria.

I saw that Maria was more advanced in her soul than her friends and she was the first I spoke to about Christ. She received my words. She has come other times, and has taken a good path. Maria also told her friends: “Hey naughty children, I would never have imagined that I would come to know Christ through hippie friends.”

Advice about Confession – Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (+1994)


Advice about Confession

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (+1994)



We all know the importance of Confession, but yet so few take advantage of it. Here Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (+1994) shows us why it is so important.

A young man went to see the Elder. I arrived the moment he was ringing the bell, and waited behind him. After a while, Father Paisios opened the door and came to the fence.

-What’s up, young man, what do you want? asked the Elder.

-Father, I would like to see you and get your advice on something.

-Have you gone to confession? Do you have a spiritual father?

-No, Father, I don’t have a spiritual father and I haven’t gone to confession.

-Well, then you better go to confession and then come to see me.

-Why can’t I see you, Father?

-I will explain to you, so you can understand. Your mind is confused and troubled by the sins you have fallen into; as a result, you cannot realize the Continue reading Advice about Confession – Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (+1994)

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (+1994), the temptation of atheism when he was 11 years old & the appearance of Jesus Christ to him




Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (+1994)

the temptation of atheism when he was 11 years old

& the appearance of Jesus Christ to him

From the age of eleven [says Saint Paisios], I would read the lives of the Saints, I would fast and keep vigil. My older brother would take the books and hide them, but that didn’t stop me. I would just go into the forest and keep reading there.

Later, when I was fifteen, a friend of my brother named Costas told my brother, “I’ll make him willingly give up all this nonesense.” He came and explained to me Darwin’s theory of evolution. I was shaken by this, and I said, “I’ll go and pray, and, if Christ is God, He’ll appear to me so that I’ll believe. I’ll see a shadow, hear a voice—He will show me a sign.” That’s all I could come up with at the time.

So, I went and began to pray and make prostrations for hours; but nothing happened. Eventually I stopped in a state of exhaustion. Then something Costas had said came to mind: “I accept that Christ is an important man,” he had told me, “righteous and virtuous, Who was hated out of envy for His virtue and condemned by His countrymen.” I thought to myself, “since that’s how Christ was, even if He was only a man, He deserves my love, obedience, and self-sacrifice. I don’t want paradise; I don’t want anything. It is worth making every sacrifice for the sake of His holiness and kindness.”

God was waiting to see how I would deal with this temptation. After this, Christ Himself appeared to me in a great light. He was visible from the waist up. He looked at me with tremendous love and said, “I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in Me, even if he dies, he shall live” (Jn. 11:25). He was holding the Gospel in His left hand, open to the page where the same words were written.

With this event, the uncertainties that had troubled my soul were overcome, and in divine grace I came to know Christ as true God and Savior of the world. I was convinced of the truth of the God-man, not by men or books, but by the very Lord Himself, who revealed Himself to me even at this young age. Firmly established in faith, I thought to myself, “Come back now, Costas, if you want, and we’ll have a talk.”


Books of St Paisios

Sfânta Sofia din Klisura, Grecia “cea nebună pentru Hristos” și animalele sălbatice (+1974) – 6 mai ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Romanian



Sfânta Sofia din Klisura, Grecia

“cea nebună pentru Hristos” și animalele sălbatice (+1974)

6 mai

Dragostea Sfintei Sofia din Klisura nu se răsfrângea numai asupra oamenilor, ci și către întreaga zidire, cuvântătoare sau necuvântătoare, sălbatică sau domestică.
În preajma muntelui sălbatic de lângă mănăstire circulau mulți urși, lupi și alte sălbăticiuni. Cu toate aceste animaluțe reușise să se împrietenească Sfânta Sofia.
Din multele istorioare care circulă cu privire la aceasta, ne vom referi la doar trei, care sunt mai deosebite.

Un soldat pensionar, care obișnuise să o viziteze pe Sfânta Sofia până în clipa morții ei, povestește ceva de neconceput pentru oamenii din zilele noastre.
Sfânta avea o ursoaică, care venea și mânca din mâna ei pâine sau orice altceva. Și puteai vedea acea dihanie imensă, dar fără răutate, luând hrana și lingându-i apoi mâinile și picioarele în semn de mulțumire. Apoi se furișa în pădure. Pe ursoaică o botezase Rusa.

Dimitrie G. născut în anul 1960 în Ptolemaida, povestește că și el o văzuse pe Sfânta Sofia la pârâu împreună cu ursoaica, pe care o ținea legată cu o curelușă. Dacă vreun necunoscut ar fi văzut această priveliște neobișnuită, ar fi înlemnit de spaimă.
Pe Rusa o văzuse și Vasilica K. din Bariko. Odată un soldat, văzând din depărtare fiara împreună cu Cuvioasa, a vrut să o împuște, crezând că îi va face rău. Îndată, însă Sfânta a început sa strige și apropiindu-se de el i-a explicat că animalul sălbatic era blând și fără de răutate.

Alți pelerini au văzut trei serpișori care dormeau la capul Cuvioasei, fără a-i face însă nici un rău și spunându-le oamenilor să nu se teamă pentru ca nu au obiceiul de a mușca.

Unii pelerini care o însoțeau la Biserica Sfintei Treimi, unde îngrijea candela, au văzut un șarpe mare încolăcit și s-au speriat foarte tare vrând să îl omoare. Sfânta i-a certat cu cuvintele: “De vreme ce nu vă deranjează, lăsați-l în pace. Este al bisericii.”

Atât de mare este dragostea Sfinților pentru animale, pentru toată zidirea și în special pentru Ziditorul ei, Care le-a creat pe toate întru adânc de înțelepciune!

PDF Books & Quotes of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (+1994) in 13 Languages




PDF Books & Quotes

of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (+1994)

in 13 Languages


English Books:

Albanian Books:

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Greek Books:

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Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia & Athens, Greece (+1991) & his wild birds



sweet morning by Isabel Asurmendi.jpg


Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia & Athens, Greece (+1991)

December 2


Saint Porphyrios

of Kafsokalivia & Athens, Greece (+1991)

& his wild birds

Saint Porphyrios was born Evangelos Bairaktaris in the village of Aghios Ioannis in the province of Karystia on the Greek island of Euboea (mod. Evia). The youngest of four, he left school after the first grade and worked in the town of Chalkida at a shop to make money for the family. He was a hard and obedient worker, and stayed there for a few years before moving to Piraeus on the mainland (it is Athens’ port) and working in a general Continue reading Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia & Athens, Greece (+1991) & his wild birds

Carismi e miracoli – San Paisios del Mone Athos, Grecia (+1994) ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Italian







Carismi e miracoli

San Paisios del Mone Athos, Grecia (+1994)

Non è possibile esaurire la lunga lista di eventi inspiegabili che hanno caratterizzato la vita e sono avvenuti dopo la morte di Paisios a causa sua.

Per dare solo una vaga idea di essi se ne farà due rapidissimi accenni tratti da testimonianze.

Al di là delle leggi naturali

Costantino Coutsoyannis racconta: “Un giorno stavo trasportando l’Anziano dal monastero della Preziosa Croce, in Calcidica, fino a Sourotì [località in cui si trova un monastero femminile]. Durante questo tragitto fummo immersi in una pioggia torrenziale al punto che, si avrebbe detto, le cataratte del cielo si fossero aperte. Al nostro arrivo le monache ci attendevano con ombrelli e mantelli da dare all’Anziano affinché non si bagnasse. Mi fecero segno di avvicinarmi il più possibile all’edificio. Ma in modo sorprendente in un istante e per un raggio di due metri attorno alla vettura la pioggia cessò di cadere mentre poco più in là c’era il diluvio. Quando l’Anziano discese e mi ebbe salutato entrando, ricominciò a piovere normalmente pure sulla vettura”.

Eventi di guarigione

“Qualche anno fa, quando il buon padre viveva ancora, caddi malata. Mi diagnosticarono un tumore. Mio figlio andò a trovare l’Anziano e gli disse che mi avrebbero condotta all’Ospedale Théageneio di Salonicco come fu. In una sala operatoria, con una rapida biopsia, mostrarono che avevo un cancro. Sei giorni dopo i medici mi dissero che se il sangue non si fermava di scendere dalla piaga mi avrebbero condotto in sala operatoria. Mio figlio tornò a vedere il buon padre che gli disse: ‘Tua madre non s’inquieti, non è nulla. I chirurghi hanno sbagliato di fare un’operazione’. Gli donò un komboskìni (=una specie di rosario) dicendogli: ‘Dallo a tua madre e dille che con questo appenderà i medici alla parete’. Il settimo giorno, quando l’Anziano era nella Santa Montagna, apparse in Ospedale! ‘Vidi l’Anziano accanto a me mentre sistemava i tubicini che drenavano il sangue. Prima del tempo di ringraziarlo sparì’. La sera giunsero i medici e constatarono che il sangue non colava più, l’incisione si era chiusa e, conseguentemente, gli esami furono tutti negativi. Non avevo bisogno né di aspirina né di chemioterapia. Più tardi, dopo la mia uscita dall’Ospedale, incontrai l’Anziano nel monastero del Venerabile Precursore e lo ringraziai d’essere giunto in Ospedale per vedermi. Egli mi rispose: ‘Bambina mia, sono venuto perché i medici ti hanno ingiustamente maltrattata’ “.


Un altro fenomeno inspiegabile di cui fu protagonista padre Paisios e che lui stesso riferiva, furono alcune visioni. Non era oggetto solo di visioni demoniache ma, più spesso, di visioni di santi. Riportiamo solo un esempio. Paisios narrò che, in un determinato periodo, dei vescovi greci gli avevano sottoposto alcuni gravi problemi ai quali non erano riusciti trovare risposta. L’asceta non potendo aiutarli, iniziò a ricorrere alla preghiera chiedendo l’aiuto di sant’Eufemia, un’antica santa del IV secolo alla quale era devoto. Passato un certo tempo in cui chiedeva questo aiuto, un pomeriggio sentì bussare alla porta della sua casetta. Alla sua domanda chi fosse, una voce femminile risposte: “Sono io, Eufemia”. “Eufemia, chi?”, riprese l’asceta. Si fece silenzio e la visitatrice riprese a bussare. L’asceta chiese nuovamente chi fosse e gli fu risposto al medesimo modo. Ad un certo punto, il monaco vide la figura della visitatrice entrare nella sua casetta, nonostante la porta fosse rimasta chiusa. Appena Paisios si accorse che l’apparizione non era demoniaca (la santa apparsa venerò l’icona della Trinità), le chiese la soluzione ai problemi che gli erano stati posti. Poi aggiunse: “Vorrei che tu mi dicessi come hai sopportato il tuo martirio”. Al che, l’apparizione rispose: “Padre, se allora avessi saputo come sarebbe stata la vita eterna e la bellezza celeste che le anime godono nello stare vicino a Dio, onestamente avrei chiesto che il mio martirio durasse sempre, dal momento che non fu assolutamente niente in confronto dei doni della grazia di Dio!”.